Fully Human

A new way of using your mind
by Mike Cooney

Imagine there are parts of our minds we never use … that, if awakened, could make us so much happier, connected and alive? Imagine if awakening those parts could bring peace to the conflicts and struggles we all go through?

Enter Steve Biddulph: best-selling Aussie author and psychologist. His new book, Fully Human, explores the new concept of ‘supersense’ – the feelings beneath our feelings – which can guide us to a freer, more awake way of living than ever before! He also discusses the ‘Four Story Mansion’ – a way of using your mind that can be taught to a five-year-old, but can also help the most damaged adult.

And no, these aren’t airy-fairy, head-in-the-clouds ideas. They’re based on cutting-edge research – where therapy meets neuroscience – and they can change your life.

Steve’s a great friend of Grapevine, so it wasn’t too hard to track him down on his hometown island of Tasmania. He graciously agreed to spend time with us – sharing insights into what he describes as his most important work yet.

Issue 4 2021


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