Sponsor Grapevine

Grapevine was born to ‘give families a lift’ … To create a free resource for tired, struggling families … families that don’t usually buy parenting books of attend parenting conferences.

We recently offered complimentary bundles of Grapevines to schools & preschools – to be passed out to needy families or sent home with kids for Mum and Dad to read. And guess what? We can’t keep up with the demand!

Countless schools & preschools have already taken up our offer – from Kerikeri and Kaitaia in the north … to Ashburton and Alexandra in the south. And complimentary copies of this latest Grapevine have just been sent out – all paid for by Grapevine sponsors.

We’re only just scratching the surface. Every time a new Grapevine comes out, more schools & preschools are saying “YES PLEASE!” But we keep running out of magazines. And we can’t afford to print more until we find more sponsors.

For just $25-a-month you could sponsor a school or preschool near you – and help us give needy, at-risk families some encouragement and hope.

The cost to print, pack and post a bundle of 50 Grapevines is $1.50 per copy – that’s $75 per bundle, delivered each quarter – or $25-a-month.

$25-a-month: that’s like a weekly cappuccino at your favourite café … or a few litres of petrol at BP … or a movie-ticket-plus-popcorn.

$25-a-month is not a lot … but, when it comes to Grapevine, a little extra goes a long way.

$25-a-month is all it costs to become a Grapevine Sponsor! We’ll select the school or preschool and deliver the mags – plus we’ll post you a personal copy of each new edition.


I’m interested in School Sponsorship – please send me the details I need so I can sign up!

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- Brian

"Your magazine should be given to every couple who gets married. I’m sure it would help them – and probably save a lot of divorces."

- Jeff

"My husband never reads this kind of thing, but Grapevine’s cover caught his eye. He sat down, devoured the whole thing, and then said to me, ‘That’s what we’re missing – I think we should get some counselling’ …"


"Your last edition was so positive and helpful and optimistic – a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel at a time when my life seemed so disappointing. I’m sure other people found it the same."


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"I find it impossible to read most things that come through my letterbox – but I never miss Grapevine. You reach me because you are real. Thank you for your honesty and your guts to stick with it."


"Thanks for all the relationship help you offer in Grapevine. Now that I know I can change old patterns, I feel much stronger inside."