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“Grapevine Magazine. It’s been around for MORE THAN 30 years, giving kiwi families a lift … promoting stable, loving relationships … tackling family hurts and headaches in a positive, helpful way … injecting fun, hope and wholeness into homes all over the country. Nearly 500,000 copies of Grapevine are delivered each year to sponsored households and streets. But lots of families are still missing out – and, chances are, yours is one of them. Grapevine is a unique, colourful, much-valued resource for families. (Just check the feedback we receive.) And, to encourage you to get Grapevine regularly – for yourself, your street, your neighbourhood, your local kindergarten/ school/church/club, your friends or workmates – we want to send you YOUR OWN TRIAL COPY, FREE, FOR A YEAR!”

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  • Backchat: The Speech

    I’VE FORGOTTEN MOST THINGS I said to my kids. But...

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  • Going Places: The great wildebeest migration

    If you’ve never been on a Wild African Safari you...

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  • How to be polite

    BEING POLITE IS A COMBINATION of saying please, thank you,...

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  • Listen to me!

    Walk into a bookshop these days … any bookshop …...

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  • Marriageology

    For those of us who are married or contemplating matrimony...

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  • Teacher Talk: Sock Wrestling

    Try sock wrestling for a fun and physical challenge either...

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"I saw a copy of Grapevine in the library and read the article on teenage suicide. I’d like a copy, please. My sister killed herself at 18 years, and we’re still trying to understand why. Thanks for writing about it." (Ali)

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