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“Grapevine Magazine. It’s been around for MORE THAN 30 years, giving kiwi families a lift … promoting stable, loving relationships … tackling family hurts and headaches in a positive, helpful way … injecting fun, hope and wholeness into homes all over the country. Nearly 500,000 copies of Grapevine are delivered each year to sponsored households and streets. But lots of families are still missing out – and, chances are, yours is one of them. Grapevine is a unique, colourful, much-valued resource for families. (Just check the feedback we receive.) And, to encourage you to get Grapevine regularly – for yourself, your street, your neighbourhood, your local kindergarten/ school/church/club, your friends or workmates – we want to send you YOUR OWN TRIAL COPY, FREE, FOR A YEAR!”

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  • Backchat: Flying at last!

    I never met Larry Walters, but I wish I had...

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  • Going Places: Nothing quite like a french river-cruise

    I’m sitting at a small table on the sundeck of...

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  • Healing those horrible nightmares

    “To sleep, perchance to dream … ay, there’s the rub!”

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  • Home Sweet Home: How to be irritated

    Irritants are a form of life rage served in fun-size...

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  • I put my teens on a Digital Detox

    I never realised just how damaging our obsession with smartphones...

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  • The Rules of Engagement

    Sometimes the very idea of people being ‘happily married’ for...

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"Your magazine should be given to every couple who gets married. I’m sure it would help them – and probably save a lot of divorces." (Jeff)

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