How to enjoy your Wild Child!

Keepers of the Vine

All kids need a bit of ‘wild’ in them. A bit of spirit - a spark. A bit of dig-their-toes-in, can’t-hold-them-back, get-up-and-go. That’s normal. Healthy. Good.

But some mothers do ’ave ’em – in DOUBLE-strength!

We’re talking serious ‘wild’ here: Kids who can’t get up or dressed or washed or fed without creating a crisis or a mess … kids who’ll wreck your day by throwing wobblies, spoil your shopping by making a scene, and sulk all morning because you cut their sandwich into squares when they wanted triangles!

These are the kids who can’t sit without climbing, walk without lunging, talk without shouting, look without touching, or touch without wrecking. And if this sounds like a small person who lives at your place, that’s hardly surprising. Because most families have at least one – and some have an entire collection!

“But OTHER people’s kids aren’t like this!” you cry, “Where have we gone WRONG?”

Well, cheer up! Chances are, you haven’t gone wrong. You’ve just got a spirited kid … a special kid … a gifted kid. And according to author Mary Sheedy Kurcinka – in her best-selling book ‘Raising Your Spirited Child’ – you’re lucky!

Your child, she says, is not a ‘PROBLEM’ – your child is simply ‘MORE’: more focused, more determined, more sensitive, more energetic.

And the way to enjoy your wild child is to learn how to MANAGE those ‘mores’ …

Issue 3 2021


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