Crappy to Happy

Loving the ones you're with
by Tracy Carter

‘If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy!’ … It’s a funny one-liner, but there’s truth in it! Our happiness can affect the happiness of those around us. And our interactions with those around us greatly affect how happy we feel! We know that diet, exercise, genetics and other factors all play a role in our health and wellbeing … but nothing (it seems) is as crucial to our life satisfaction – our ‘happiness’ – as the quality of our relationships.


Cass wears lots of different hats. She’s Australian (we won’t hold that against her!), a clinical psychologist, speaker, educator, and facilitator. She regularly contributes to media on topics like happiness, mindfulness and wellbeing. And she hosts the wildly popular Crappy to Happy podcast. Cass recently released her third book in a series, Crappy to Happy: Love Who You’re With, and we sat down with her (virtually) to chat about growing more satisfying relationships.

Issue 2 2021


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