Saved by the Sun?

Miraculous vitamin D
by Julia Bloore

For three decades now, we’ve been fed an unwavering message about how bad the sun is for us. Every summer we’re encouraged to ‘slip, slop, slap and wrap’ in order to protect ourselves and our children from its harmful rays: “We have one of the highest rates of melanoma skin cancer in the world, don’t you know? Come on New Zealand, wise up and get with the programme!”

But what if the very thing we’re protecting ourselves from is the answer to those melanomas? Not only that, what if it’s also the answer to other multiple illnesses that dramatically affect our nation? What if, all along, we’ve been making ourselves sicker and sicker, as we’ve been ‘safer and safer’?

Ian Wishart, award winning journalist and author, investigates the research around vitamin D in his book Vitamin D, is this the Miracle Vitamin? As co-editor and publisher of news magazine Investigate, he took some time to find out whether the hype around vitamin D was justified.

Issue 4 2013


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