Coping with the ex factor

Parenting after divorce
by Paul Freedman

Many people emerge from separation and divorce feeling scarred, bitter and broken. But there are exceptions. Jill Darcey found her divorce just as soul-destroying and heart-breaking – but, far from having her life ruined, she discovered new strength and new life. And, today, she’s busy helping others come through with flying colours.

What made the difference? In a word: ATTITUDE! Jill decided, even in the cauldron of the white hot moment, that she would NOT allow what was happening to ruin her life – or the lives of her three kids. Inspired by her success, she then went on to establish the Complex Family Foundation … coaching and counselling other ‘leavees’ and ‘leavers’ (as she calls them) to survive the storm and chart a new course with hope and courage. Plus she’s authored a new book, Parenting with the Ex Factor … urging divorced mums and dads to “stop drinking poison” and, instead, build a better parenting style.

We caught up with Jill in the middle of one of her seminars and asked her where all this new hope comes from …

Issue 2 2012


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From where I sit

From where I sit

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