When the lights goes out

by Rob Harley

JULES BADGER SAT ON THE EDGE OF HER BED and looked at the three bottles of pills on her nightstand. The Salvation Army captain just wanted the ‘noise in her head’ to stop. There seemed no other way out.
“I just thought my family would be better off without me.”

Jules had reached the ragged edge of a mental health precipice. Death seemed the only rational escape.

Downstairs, her husband was unaware of what was unfolding. Until Jules called out for help. “She said she wanted to take ALL her pills,” Mat recalls. “I had no idea what to do: I buried my head in my hands and quietly swore.” 

Jules lay in a corner in a fetal position and sobbed …

Two Salvation Army officers – seasoned, experienced and dedicated – had fallen into a huge hole. Jules was suicidal and depressed, and within a very short time, the Badger family seemed destined for implosion. Together, Jules and Mat confronted their crisis. They reached out to friends and professionals for help.

It was not going to be easy.

Issue 4, 2023


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