Simple Tips on Raising Complex Kids

By Tracy Carter

‘NEURODIVERSITY …’ That big word might be new to you, but don’t be put off. It’s a modern term that has to do with brain-science – how our brains are wired and how that effects our behaviour. It’s found its way into the vocab of psychologists and parenting experts because researchers are discovering that human brains aren’t all the same. There’s more variety and diversity in our grey-matter than we realised. Which helps explain why some people – some kids and some grown-ups– process the world differently and think ‘outside-the-box’.

That’s all very well, of course. But raising kids who are ‘different’ or ‘complex’ can be a real headache for parents. Resources, sadly, are few … help is scarce … and the lack of workable solutions is only adding to the mental health crisis here in Aotearoa.

However, some good news: there are people who know and understand the complexity of life with these kids. And we managed to chat with one of the best: parenting coach, author, and co-founder of IMPACT PARENTS – Elaine Taylor-Klaus.

Elaine has raised her own ‘complex kids’, and she now coaches mums and dads all over the world, helping them to better navigate life with kids who don’t fit the ‘norm’ – as well as those who do.

Issue 2 2022


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