Why your teenage daughter ‘hates’ you … and needs to talk
by Mike Cooney

“Even if I don’t show it, I love you with all my heart. And all I want is your love, support and attention, even though I’d never ever admit that …” (What your daughter wants you to know, but won’t tell you – Miss-Connection).

There has never been a better time to be a teenage girl. There has never been a harder time to be a teenage girl. Such are the contradictions and complexities parents must face when raising a teenage daughter in the 2020s! It can be a wild ride. But thankfully, there are some superbly qualified people who can help us navigate these years.

One of them is Dr Justin Coulson, author of Miss-Connection, who decided to tackle the mysteries of the teenage girl by interviewing more than 400 of them! His insights and genuine desire to understand these amazing, elusive creatures is refreshing. So we tracked him down for a chat – to learn how we can better connect with our teenage daughters …

Issue 1 2021


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