Waste Not

Waging war on a plastic world
by Paul Freedman

WE'VE ALL PROBABLY SHUDDERED at those horrifying pictures of starved sea birds and turtles with stomachs stuffed full of plastic waste; dead dolphins caught in discarded fishing nets; or the huge swirling morass of rubbish in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We see it and think, “It’s awful, but what can I, a single individual, actually do?”
Answer ... more than you might think!
Recently we heard Erin Rhoads from Melbourne talking on RNZ National about her new book, Waste Not. Erin has an amazingly positive message for those of us who feel ... well ... rubbish about all the rubbish! She’s a one-woman anti-waste campaign, and she’s making a difference!
We just had to catch up with Erin and ask her where her inspiration comes from.

Issue 2 2019


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