Sleep Sense

How to catch those elusive zzzzzz
by Paul Freedman

We all know how tricky and elusive sleep can be. Even when we’re just about dead-on-our-feet with fatigue, sleep doesn’t necessarily romp up like a puppy when called. It won’t be rushed, urged, forced or rescheduled …
And we all know what it’s like dragging ourselves through a long, tough day after a badly-broken night. (Never mind a string of ‘em!) Sleep. It’s one of the few things that unites us. We all need it. We all do it. And oh-so-many of us wish we could do it better, right? So, it was with real interest that we saw a new book come across the desk … ‘SLEEP SENSE’ by Dr Katharina Lederle, MSc, PhD.

Issue 3 2018


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