Your brain is fantastic!

But what if it gets hurt?
by Paul Freedman & John Cooney

Tell the truth, now: What do you know about your brain? Next to nothing, right? Sure, you’re familiar with the visible bits of your body – like arms and legs and hips and ears. You’ve even got a nodding acquaintance with other more hidden bits – like lungs and heart and arteries and veins. But your BRAIN? Admit it: you couldn’t tell your hypothalamus from your hippocampus if your life depended on it! And as for your cerebral cortex … or your corpus callosum …

Don’t feel bad. After all, where do you start?

When you look at the human brain, it’s all much-of-a-muchness. An unimpressive, grey, lumpy thing about the size of a good grapefruit. It doesn’t move or pulse or hum or ‘do’ anything – it just sits there. It has no feelings: you can poke it or cut it, but it can’t feel pain. And apart from the two halves, it’s hard to tell one bit from another – even if you know the tricky names, where on earth do they belong?

But it’s when you look INSIDE the brain that things get massively mindboggling!

Issue 4 2014


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