Taking care of your family’s health
by Mike Cooney


If you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll know it was Dr Spock who used this famous greeting (while doing the finger-challenging Vulcan salute). The saying’s a good one, isn’t it – and something we would all wish on those close to us.

But despite the incredible advances in western medicine over the past decade or two, and despite all the quick-fixes, weight-loss wonders, fad-foods, celebrity-diets, miracle cures, and self-help gurus on tap today, far too many people don’t live long and prosper. In fact, an alarming number of people experience ILLNESS rather than WELLNESS!

How much of this do we bring on ourselves? Well, a lot more than we realise – according to leading nutrition specialist and best-selling author, DR LIBBY WEAVER. And she has plenty of credentials to back up her claims – including a PhD examining biochemical and nutritional factors in children …

One of the most passionate people we’ve ever interviewed, Dr Libby is doing her level best “… to educate and inspire people, improving their health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.”

Over a green-tea in a busy inner-city café, she happily responded to my questions and sent out a few of those ripples …

Issue 1 2013


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