Less Tech … More Talk

The case for conversation
by Tracy Carter

WOW! What an amazing age we live in! Thanks to modern technology, we can connect with other people like never before in history. Our devices and smartphones are truly miracle-gadgets, allowing us to share ‘virtual’ face-to-face conversations with friends or loved ones on the other side of the world. We couldn’t even dream of that a few short years ago – yet today it’s all oh-so-easy! You can be sitting in your Christchurch kitchen eating Weet-Bix for brekkie, while ‘skyping’ your mate in London as he chows down on a tea of bangers-and-mash!

Of course, as with most new developments, there’s a downside. Thanks to these same miracle-gadgets, it’s also now possible to share a meal ‘in the flesh’ with your partner, your child or your friend and have virtually NO conversation as you both fiddle with your phones – absorbed in diverse digital dabbling.

Issue 4 2016


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