Dads raising daughters

A conversation with Nigel Latta
by Paul Freedman

NIGEL LATTA. Now there’s a name to remember! Think of The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show, and you’ll probably be smiling. Plus, chances are, you’ve been watching his new series, sorting facts from spin and getting to the core of major social issues.

A respected clinical psychologist, prolific author, and popular TV personality, Nigel’s a very busy boy. But he’s chatted with Grapevine before about parenting how-tos, and he happily agreed to do it again – this time on the tricky topic of Dads Raising Daughters.

We wanted his ‘take’ on a range of vexing questions. Like: What’s the difference (apart from the colour of their booties) between girls and boys? And we were surprised to learn that he doesn’t really think they’re all that different, deep down. But hang on a minute: we thought science, with its MRIs and cat scans and so on, had proved the opposite?

We had to find out more …

Issue 3 2014


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