What’s Keeping You Awake At Night?

A conversation with David Bogan
By Paul Freedman

ARE YOU A WORRIER? Do you lie awake in the wee small hours, churning, fretting, going over and over and over it in your mind? Are unspoken fears, unsolved problems, niggling disagreements or looming wars robbing you of sleep?. Well, David Bogan’s got a word for you …

He’s been settling disputes and resolving conflicts for decades – everything from marriage conflicts and child custody battles to criminal lawsuits and medical misadventures. In fact he belongs to the International Coalition of Concerned Mediators.

He talked with Grapevine a few years ago, when his first book – ‘Avoid Retirement & Stay Alive’ – became a best-seller. And he’s now hit the headlines again with a second book: ‘What’s Keeping You Awake at Night?’

He confesses that he ‘drifted’ into counselling after years in a major bank’s ‘Legal and Recovery’ division. It seems that people facing financial meltdown have the same headaches and heartaches as those facing personal or relationship problems.

So we sat him down and popped the question: “Do we all have problems that keep us awake at night … or only 99% of us?”

Issue 4 2010


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