Forget The Whales – Save The Kiwi Bloke!

A men's guide to being healthy
by Mike Cooney

The Kiwi male is an endangered species! Well, maybe endangered is the wrong word, but he’s certainly in trouble! Our uncomplimentary statistics declare that ‘real blokes’ are dying much earlier than everyone else … and it’s not because we don’t have good medical facilities, or that our men are off fighting wars. It’s because of our lifestyles.
An epidemic has broken out amongst Godzone’s men, and according to doctor and author, Dave Baldwin, we’ve become a nation of ginormous fatsos …
Dave is a general practitioner, ex-Air Force, and founder of the unique Bulls Flying Doctors – a mobile aviation medical service for pilots located in the remote regions of New Zealand. He’s a passionate Kiwi bloke, keen hunter and family man, who’s also working incredibly hard to drill important health messages into the scones of Kiwi men.
The release of his best-selling book ‘Healthy Bastards’ caused quite a stir, with its tell-it-like-it-is honesty and anecdotal humour. So we decided to track down this Crump-like author and find out what the fuss is all about …

Issue 3 2010


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