Privacy Policy


Grapevine Communications (hence forth known as Grapevine, so we don’t have to write so much) takes your data protection seriously. We have endeavoured to take all reasonable steps to provide high standards of privacy and security for all users of our website.

Your personal information, contact details and weight will be held and used only by Grapevine, and only for the purposes given. We will never supply your information to other organisations, groups, government officials or individuals, no matter how much money they offer, or how many people they threaten to hurt.

Our online donation service uses secure technology to protect your financial information, and as above, these details will never be supplied to others by Grapevine.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Grapevine will never ask you to supply your personal passwords for your online banking or other secure online services. If you’re ever contacted by people pretending to be from Grapevine asking for this information, please contact us immediately. It’ll be some dodgy imposter trying their luck – and will definitely not be coming from us. We’re far too nice to try that on...