Mike (& Donna) Cooney

Mike (& Donna) Cooney


Favourite quote –
If the world was an orange, it would be too small.

Mike was born in the Chinese year of the ‘rat’, which apparently isn’t as bad as it sounds… His parents were a couple of middle-class dreamers who put it all on the line to follow a dream, and as such, Mike grew up without a TV, wearing home-sewn pants and eating mince on toast…

At 10 years he brought great shame upon his parents by being expelled from Sunday School for making the teacher cry, which wouldn’t have been so bad except his Dad was the minister…

He ran away from the embarrassment he caused and went farming in the King Country. In 1993 he met Donna, and after a whirlwind romance involving surfing trips and car crashes, she finally agreed to marry him.

The following years saw him employed as a teacher, youth worker, life-skill educator, national director, writer and father - the latter being his greatest achievement yet!

Now sometime in the not-so-new millenium, he can be found living in a secret location on the east coast of the Coromandel fullfilling his life-long dream of being an enigma.

When Mike’s not doing Grapevine stuff or farming, you’ll find him beekeeping, working with Wildman, guiding outdoor adventures with Little Brown Kiwi, surfing, going downhill on his mountain bike, in the bush hunting, fishing, or hanging out with his wife Donna and their four gorgeous kids … (PHEW!)

Favourite naughty snack: Condensed milk out of the can!
Favourite quote: “If the world was an orange, it would be too small.”