John (& Robyn) Cooney

John (& Robyn) Cooney


Favourite quote –
Men are from earth – women are from earth – get used to it!

John was born after the war, emerging naked and without his reading glasses. He grew up (totally unnoticed) on the foggy streets of Hamilton, and achieved absolutely nothing at Hamilton Boys High School – aside from being the shortest kid in the third form.

He met Robyn in Woolworths one afternoon: he, a cute little guy with short-back-and-sides (plus pimples) … she, an angel in stiletto heels. And, upon discovering that he would die if they couldn’t be together forever, asked for her hand in marriage.

In 1981 John and his colleagues launched GRAPEVINE – to improve (at least in some small way) the quality of family life in New Zealand. And the rest (as they say) is history. Today, he and Robyn are the weary parents of three adult kids … and the youngest-looking grandparents in this part of the known universe.

John speaks each year to thousands of Kiwis at seminars (e.g. for parents: Home-Sweet-Home: When It All Hits The Fan) and at family/relationship events. He also features at motivational functions, business conferences, etc … was keynote speaker for six years in a row at the Auckland Mayoral Fathers Breakfast … is a sometime radio personality plus regular contributor of ‘Scrubcutter’ recordings for the ZB network and Radio Rhema … and leads Kiwi tour groups on Midlife Madness adventures to exotic parts of the world.

Favourite naughty snack: Whittakers Peanut Slabs!
Favourite quote: “Men are from earth – women are from earth – get used to it!”
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