Craig Haythornthwaite

Craig Haythornthwaite


Favourite quote –
Life is an adventure or nothing at all.

Craig was born in Auckland on the same day as Elvis Presley’s daughter, but that’s where any similarities end. As a young boy he was hit on the head with a golf club and knocked unconscious. He assumes he’s never been the same since (although he can’t really remember what he was like before he got hit).

Craig still feels young, despite having worked for ad agencies, design firms and publishers for nearly two decades (but, the truth is, it’s all downhill from here). He has one wife, two kids, a handful of cats, and a few thousand bees.

Favourite naughty snack: Sour-Worm lollies!
Favourite quote: “Life is an adventure or nothing at all.” (Helen Keller)
Contact: 021 155 5534 or