2016 Issue 2



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  • Backchat: Spaghetti!

    I had a flashback the other night. We’d been enjoying...

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  • Brick Walls & Jellyfish

    It’s funny how this parent-thing happens. One minute you’re a...

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  • Going Places: We’re going on a Lion HUNT!

    The wake-up call comes at 5:45am. “It’s on your side,”...

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  • Home Sweet Home: How to Drive on Motorways

    There are three speeds on Motorways: fast, faster and “For...

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  • Take 10: Tim Read

    Tracy Carter chats with the most recent winner of MasterChef...

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  • The Dementia Dilemma

    DEMENTIA. It’s one of those words, like cancer, that can...

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  • The Geezer: Geezers vs Health

    THE ELDERLY BLOKE IN THE bed next to mine didn’t...

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  • Top 5 Memory Tips

    Get these right and you’ll remember everything you need!

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  • Wild NZ: The Humble Honeybee

    Of all nature’s creatures, none has caught my attention more...

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