In an early UPDATE, the Editor makes a CONFESSION about DEPRESSION:
“I’ve recently been infected by a niggly, low-grade, won’t-go-away heaviness. Why? Well, did you know that this country has the developed world’s second-highest percentage of single parent families? Did you know that, since 1970, the rate of marriage has decreased 60%, while the number of divorces has nearly doubled? Did you know that births outside of marriage have tripled in the past 30 years? Did you know that, for every $1 spent on a child brought up in two-parent families, the Government spends $10 on a child brought up in a single parent family?”

Conclusion? Grapevine’s job is obviously not over!

However, despite these depressing stats, WE’RE NOT HELPLESS (he insists): “Street Sponsorship is not just about money, eh. It’s about putting Grapevine into the hands of couples whose marriages have gone stale … parents who are at war with their kids … grandparents who’ve lost hope … young people who are just getting started in this business of being a family.”

Highlights this year: 'BRING BACK THOSE LOVING FEELINGS' … 'TAMING YOUR HOUSEHOLD TERRORIST' … and 'RAISING KIDS: YOU’VE GOTTA ENJOY THE JOURNEY!' Plus a couple of Grapevine supporters win an all-expenses-paid holiday in beautiful tropical VANUATU – lucky things!

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