Grapevine goes on a diet, and SLIMS-DOWN like you wouldn’t believe – from being a BIG organisation with lots of staff, to being a SMALL team of skilled specialists. Many tasks that were once performed ‘in house’ at our Mt Roskill office (and in other key cities around New Zealand) are now performed ‘off-site’ (do you like the buzz-words?) by contracted experts.

But some things never change: 'THE INCREDIBLE COST OF DIVORCE' gives readers-who-are-thinking-about-doing-it something else to think about. And 'HELL-RAISERS & HANDFULS' has a good word for parents: let’s view our strong-willed kids as ‘GIFTED CHILDREN’ rather than ‘problem-children’.

A ‘Grapevine 2000’ Capital Appeal seeks $300,000 to clean up the ‘baggage’ from the past … and ensure Grapevine never goes back on that financial ‘roller-coaster’.
As we head into the new millennium we do the numbers: 18 years down the tracks, we’ve created 183 separate editions and printed/delivered 43 million magazines! A HUGE amount of good done to a HUGE number of families.

“This is MMP, folks,” reports the Editor. “Massive Magazine Penetration!”

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