We ask our volunteers if they’d like to deliver Warehouse mailers (as a once-a-week fundraiser) – and most of ‘em say YES!

So we show our appreciation by publishing more top-class mags: 'THE DREADED DRAGON-IN-LAW' … 'VOLCANO IN YOUR HOME: WHEN TEENAGERS ERUPT' … 'BIRDS, BOOZE & BUSINESS: THREE GREAT MAN-TRAPS'.

Our patient supporters receive ‘A Very Long Letter from a Very Short Editor’ in which he rejoices:
“Once again, we’ve been faced with the obvious: Grapevine is bigger than any of us, and we can’t do it without your help! Once again, we’ve sensed that, in years to come, Grapevine could bless families on a scale we’ve never begun to IMAGINE!”
That’s followed by ‘A Shorter Letter from a Long-Winded Editor’: “I believe we all need a dream. A BIG dream. And we need to pursue that dream with all our might. Sure, there’s no shortage of tired cynics who’ll tell you it can’t be done … it’ll never work … it’s too expensive … it’s far to risky … you shouldn’t … you mustn’t … you won’t. And I’ve met plenty of them, I can tell you.

“But when it comes to the dream that Grapevine has – encouraging families, strengthening marriages, equipping parents in every corner of this beautiful country – I’m convinced the cynics are wrong.

“Do you know why? Because what they fail to allow for is YOU, and several thousand Grapevine friends like you! I mean, we’ve proved it: with God’s help and your help … OUR DREAMS CAN BE REALISED!”

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