The search for more legs continues. (Long legs, short legs, fat legs, skinny legs, smooth legs, hairy legs – we honestly don’t care!) And the search for more great cover-stories – 'EMPTY ARMS: WHEN A WOMAN MISCARRIES' … 'WATCHA WATCHING? CENSORING YOUR BRAIN FOOD' … 'TAKING THE NERVOUS OUT OF BREAKDOWN'.

We launch a bold Fight for the Family campaign – with Cliff Richard’s endorsement: “The older I get the more I realise how much my family matters to me. Families are too important to take for granted. Keeping families alive and well in our society takes a lot of work – they need all the help and encouragement they can get. And that’s why I recommend Grapevine magazine – it does a terrific job. So come on Kiwis – fight for the family! Join the Grapevine support team. You won’t regret it!”

We publish our purple 100th edition … say “Told you so!” to the cynics … say “Thank you!” to God and our friends … and say “We hope that for 100 more issues at least, Grapevine can keep scratching where people are itching!” to several hundred thousand readers.

Dollars are an ongoing gut-worry. And our June UPDATE admits: “Over the past few months, we’ve watched the ‘fuel-gauge’ at Grapevine creeping down. And last week, in spite of all our efforts, it hit ‘E’ for empty …”

But come July, we have more cheerful news: “There will be a lovely sound at our printer’s over the next few days – the sound of Grapevine magazines rolling off the presses!”

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