We get stuck into some more tough topics: 'THE STRESS FACTOR' … 'BLENDED FAMILIES' … 'DEPRESSION: BATTLING THE BLUES' … and 'AT-HOME VIOLENCE'.
Plus … we find time for the world premier of Grapevine’s new high-school video series – ‘Alive & Well’.

In July, we invade Hamilton with our very own Main Street Parade (no kidding!): vintage cars, horse’n’buggies, marching girls, fire engines, brass bands, cop cars, and Keepers giving away Grapevine balloons to all the kids. A week later, 33,000 mags are delivered to Waikato letterboxes!

But the Oct ’87 sharemarket crash is starting to hurt us, and by November, UPDATE is bleeding: “We hadn’t counted on this … felt it first in our cashflow department … everyone started paying us late … then some clients, in deep trouble, couldn’t pay us at all. But over the past few months, we’ve felt it even worse – as advertising budgets have been cut and advance ad bookings cancelled. OUCH!”

It takes a while for the dust to settle, but when it does we discover that the ‘crash’ has cost us more than $250,000! (Ouch indeed!)

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