“It’s a bit like eating an elephant,” we announce, as our search for more legs gets serious: “You start with one bite – and you just keep nibbling!” (Which sounds wonderful, unless you’re an elephant …)

Grapevine sponsors a series of marvellous two-day ‘wilderness camps’ – designed to bring dads and their boys together in stimulating adventure-type settings. The Editor attends with his younger son, and nearly kills himself abseiling.

Our February mag explores life-before-birth: 'WOMB MATES' (with amazing colour photos) … in August we expose '16 SILLY MYTHS ABOUT OLD AGE' … and in September we upset a few gloomy types with 'A TERRIBLY SERIOUS ISSUE: NOT A LAUGHING MATTER' – hilarious cover-to-cover FUN!

But there’s nothing funny about the October Grapevine. It tells 'CARRIE’S STORY' – a courageous little 10-year-old who died of cancer – and easily ranks as the most moving Grapevine ever!

“I cried my way through it,” writes more than one reader. “I am deeply touched by Carrie’s bravery and faith in God.”

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