In May we publish our 50th edition! (And cynics who’d laid bets that Grapevine wouldn’t survive lose a fortune!) In July we spend a day in jail, researching our cover-story 'DOING TIME!' And in August we pinpoint a NZ disease: 'THE VANISHING FATHER' (dads who disappear, couldn’t care less, are always too busy, and are failing as fathers).

Bill Cosby’s hilarious column appears. And the Editor shaves off his beard (but leaves his moustache).

Our March UPDATE asks: “Have you ever been driving in a strange city, and found yourself at a busy intersection with not the foggiest idea which way to go, while cars queue up behind you honking their horns impatiently … and you sit paralysed and panicking, wishing the road would open up and swallow you whole?

That’s how we felt last month as, after five hectic years on the road, our Feb issue jarred to a halt and we struggled to find funds …” We invite supporters to give the little guy (i.e. Grapevine) a fighting chance.

The response is so encouraging that we decide to do something else that experts reckon we can’t possibly do: set up our very own VOLUNTEER magazine delivery network!

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