Our July cover story 'WHEN MEN GET THE MIDLIFE CRAZIES' alerts men (and their wives) to the danger: “You kissed goodbye to acne and adolescence years ago. You made it into marriage and coped with dirty nappies, runny noses and toy cars on the front steps. You finally got your family budget and house payments sorted out. And then WHAM! It hit you …”

The Editor makes a midlife statement by growing a beard. And Neville Logan’s 'CARTOON CLUB' proves a big hit with kids.

Grapevine puts on a banquet (oo-la-la!) at the Hyatt-Kingsgate: “‘Twas a night to remember! 400 friends, loads of fun, superb music, great food, and some very exciting, keep-’em-sitting-on-the-edge-of-their-seats announcements” … including our upcoming Grapevine launch in Whangarei.

Eric of Onehunga sends this bouquet: “I applaud what you’re doing. In a world where quality is becoming the select preserve of those wealthy enough to afford it, it is refreshing to have a publication like Grapevine. You have ensured that this is quality which everyone can afford – and become richer for it.”

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