In March we profile Cliff Richard: 'WIRED FOR SOUND' … and in May we tackle affairs: 'THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER – OR IS IT?' Columns by Erma Bombeck and Merv Smith are proving popular … and Grapevine’s counselling service, Openline, opens for business.

Readers (most of ‘em) LOVE the new magazine. A few householders don’t even bother opening it – they think it’s a wine catalogue! Six issues down the track, UPDATE (our supporters newsletter) sounds the first note of panic … “URGENT FROM THE EDITOR: I find this a very difficult letter to write. Grapevine is in serious trouble, and what I’m about to tell you is critically important …”

With no working capital and low ad sales, our available funds are disappearing fast. But, thankfully, Grapevine’s supporters come to the party. Generously. And the next UPDATE reports … “A few weeks ago, Grapevine’s future looked very bleak. I am now able to tell you that the crisis has been averted. Our prayers and hopes are being realised …”

We live to fight another battle! Phew!

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