Hard to believe, but after two years of dreaming and scheming, it’s HAPPENING! We’re actually under way. The first issue of Grapevine hits Auckland streets in June. It’s a big, floppy, large-format magazine (remember it?) featuring 'WHEN I RELAX I FEEL GUILTY' – and it goes free to 250,000 homes.

On page 5, we introduce ourselves as ‘The Keepers of the Vine’: “Well, hi there! Welcome to Grapevine magazine! We hope you’ll READ it, of course. And whether you’re a mum, dad, single, married, rhubarb-grower, meter-maid, cost-accountant, teenager, kid, unemployed, student, worker, you-name-it … we hope that you’ll LIKE what you read.

“You might be wondering who we are. We are very ordinary, quite safe, mostly respectable, not at all dangerous, sometimes funny, alike in many ways, unalike in many others, and more-than-a-little-bit scared about being responsible for a project as big as this …”

Scared? You bet we are! This step-into-the-unknown is HUGE …

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