Choice bouquets from Grapevine’s readers

    • The article on AFFAIRS was fantastic! So sensitive, and on such a tricky topic. You’ve got no idea how much you've helped me. (June)

"The most caring, loving, sensitive, balanced article on MARRIAGE I’ve read in a long time!" (Brian)


"Your magazine should be given to every couple who gets married. I’m sure it would help them – and probably save a lot of divorces." (Jeff)


"My husband never reads this kind of thing, but Grapevine’s cover caught his eye. He sat down, devoured the whole thing, and then said to me, ‘That’s what we’re missing – I think we should get some counselling’ …" (Judith)


"I want you to know what a following you have amongst teenagers. We have three teens, and over the years we’ve tried to talk to them on many subjects. But, as many parents find, we’ve probably left these talks till too late and have only managed to skim the surface. However, they always read Grapevine – and have since we began getting it. You’ve earned our admiration and hearty thanks." (Ian)


"Your last edition was so positive and helpful and optimistic – a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel at a time when my life seemed so disappointing. I’m sure other people found it the same." (Lisa)


"Your latest edition on DEPRESSION really hit the spot, and helped me with some pressing needs in my personal life. I have never before felt my experience could be understood or appreciated by anyone else. Now I feel no longer alone with that lonely problem." (Valerie)


"I find it impossible to read most things that come through my letterbox – but I never miss Grapevine. You reach me because you are real. Thank you for your honesty and your guts to stick with it." (Tessa)


"Thank you all for what you’ve achieved for me. It’s not too dramatic to say I was seriously contemplating suicide before discovering your magazine, and you have all been responsible for seeing to it that I did not make such a terrible mistake. Instead, I found the courage to reach out for help – all on the strength of one issue of Grapevine." (Stephaney)


"I just wanted to say thanks for the neat issues of Grapevine you’ve sent me this year. My partner and I have had a very hard 12 months, but you’ve been a great help – and reminded us of God’s presence – when there was no-one else." (Carolyn)


"Have meant to write since Grapevine first flourished – in order to say thank you. There have been times when I’ve flatly disagreed with you. Times when I’ve rejoiced that we were on the same wavelength. You are always interesting, never dull. You are most welcome. Do continue to call. And please keep those tendrils curling out into the world." (Rae)


"Your magazine has become, for my family at least, an oasis of faith and hope and love in this cold modern ‘desert’ we live in." (Judy)


"You’ve given me peace of mind and helped me change my ways. Thanks." (Joe)


"Your SUDDENLY SINGLE edition couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m so relieved. I never knew anyone else felt like this!" (Sharlene)


"You do a great job, especially your article on ABUSE. You are right: unless we forgive we remain lonely and bitter. No, we don’t forget, but the pain and suffering does fade. I know – I too have travelled that road." (Marie)


"I heard Grapevine quoted at length recently at a conference I was at. You could have heard a pin drop!" (Sonita)


"Thanks for all the relationship help you offer in Grapevine. Now that I know I can change old patterns, I feel much stronger inside." (Michael)


"I was so relieved to read what you had to say about FORGIVENESS, and grateful for the steps you suggest. I’m astonished to find such treasures in a magazine delivered free to my box. It’s really heart-warming stuff!" (Annette)


"I want to thank you personally. The article on AFFAIRS was fantastic! So sensitive, and on such a tricky topic. You’ve got no idea how much you’ve helped me." (June)


"Grapevine is a valuable resource which I use regularly in class. In nearly every issue there is an article which is of interest to the students – and feedback is generally positive. I like the strong emphasis on self-esteem and communication skills – and the way Grapevine is not afraid to tackle touchy subjects. There’s certainly a place for Grapevine in our troubled world." (Margo)


"I saw a copy of Grapevine in the library and read the article on teenage suicide. I’d like a copy, please. My sister killed herself at 18 years, and we’re still trying to understand why. Thanks for writing about it." (Ali)