Take 10: Matt Gibb

Take 10: Matt Gibb

"What’s been your greatest life-lesson?
MATT: One lesson I’ve tried to remember is: Never let fear of failure stop you from attempting something."

Matt Gibb

Julia Bloore chit-chats with this popular young TV presenter …

1.  You’re best known for your role on Studio 2: how’s life been treating you since then?
MATT: Studio 2 finished up in October 2010, and I was really lucky to be brought on to help launch the new digital channel, TVNZ U. My role is producer of U live, but I also get to host it. It’s a music television show with interviews and plenty of giveaways, so it combines all of my favourite things – music, meeting interesting people and television! Ideal!

2. Your favourite childhood TV show?
MATT: I loved TV when I was growing up, whether I was sitting in front of The A Team, Knight Rider or Tux Wonder Dogs! But my favourite was The Son of a Gunn Show – hosted by Jason Gunn and Thingee. Not only was it hilarious, but it was locally made and filmed in my hometown of Christchurch – and I was lucky enough to be in the audience for one show.

3. The best job you’ve ever had – and why?
MATT: I’ve honestly loved all of my jobs, from working in a donut shop when I was 16, to hosting my first TV show (Squirt), through to the job I have now. But one that really stands out for me would be co-hosting TV One’s Countdown to New Year with Jason Gunn. It was a big moment, and I learnt a lot.

4. What’s been your greatest life-lesson?
MATT: One lesson I’ve tried to remember is: Never let fear of failure stop you from attempting something. You’ll often hear a voice inside your head questioning whether you have what it takes. It’s totally natural to doubt yourself, and everybody goes through phases in life where their confidence is knocked. But the greatest satisfaction comes from pushing yourself to achieve something you weren’t even sure you could. It’s a bit cliché, but the expression ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ totally applies!

5. Your favourite photo – what is it and why?
MATT: It’s one I took during my trip to Tanzania, Africa in 2009. It was just a snap taken out the window of a car, as we were travelling through the Ngorongoro Crater. But there’s something about the colours and the movement And, of course, it reminds me of the incredible beauty and culture of the place. Gotta go back!

6. You grew up in Christchurch – how did it feel having family and friends caught up in the quakes?
MATT: It’s been a strange couple of years for me, living in Auckland but having my family in Christchurch going through so much. Luckily they were all uninjured. I still can’t quite comprehend the massive change to my hometown, but I know how strong the people of Canterbury are, and I think something incredible will come out of all of this.

7. What frightens you?
MATT: Not living up to my potential! I’ve got plans and ideas and places I want to be, and I guess the scariest thing to me would be to one day feel like I never achieved everything I could have.

8. What was the last thing that made you laugh – like really, really laugh?
MATT: I just spent three weeks in Mexico with 12 of my closest friends … and we belly-laughed every single day! One moment that springs to mind was realising my Spanish wasn’t quite as good as I thought it was – I was told two weeks into the trip by a friendly Mexican gentleman that I’d in fact been replying to the question, “How are you?” not with the traditional, “I’m very well …” but instead with “I’m a total hottie!” Belly laughter and embarrassment ensued. Spanish lessons will be booked.

9. If you, as a 30-something, met you as a teenager, what would you most like to tell yourself?
MATT: Relax and stop caring so much about other people’s opinions! We spend so much time in our teenage years worrying about what others think of our clothes, actions, ideas and talents – it’s exhausting! I’d tell myself to trust my own opinion and enjoy my time as a teen.

10. Imagine yourself in 10 years’ time: where are you? what are you doing? who are you doing it with?
MATT: I guess I’m still working in TV – either behind the scenes or on-screen. Probably still in Auckland (but with some world travel behind me!). With a beautiful wife and a kid or two, loving life and belly-laughing every other day with my friends! Simple!

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